In our 28 years in the metal construtction sector WAF has always tried to advance itself and enlarge its business portfolio. This enabled us to gain valuable experience and know-how which you can profit from in our designing and consulting services You can never make a mistake when choosing WAF – the expert in metal and facade construction – for sustainable construction consulting or metal designs.
You are about to realize your dream of a self-owned home or wanted to renovate for a long time? In times of rising energy prices and environmental pollution you cannot avoid dealing with topics like passive house planning or sustainable construction. Because of our year long experience with premium thermal facades we can help you dealing with important decisions in terms of your designing, construction and product decisions. We can take away your worries about a long-lasting and high-quality construction site. Do not hesitate and arrange a first appointment with us today!
Not only private home owners can profit from our decade long experience in metal construction. We consult architectures and other professionals as well. We are your best contact for questions concerning metal and facade design, the more innovative and complicated they are, the more you can profit from our wealth of experience. In the end you can also outsource your façade and metal designs to our high-class metal engineers and therefore guarantee your own customers the best realisations of their plans and highest professionalism.