As a quality certified handicraft business WAF emphasizes on the quality and functionality of its products. However, within this process aesthetic aspects should never come short too. All of WAF’s products are produced sustainable and stand out due to their longevity and reliability. Therefore the usage of high-end and recyclable materials is most important to us.
Due to our years and years of experience in the metal construction sector we are the expert when it comes to metal processing, facade elements and solar thermal products. Our patented solarthermal facade displays our aspiration to advancement and improvement. Hence we can guarantee ideal outcomes for our customers.

Metal treatment engineering

Using the most modern and high-precision converting machines WAF is cutting, bending and canting, roll forming (production of facade panels), pressing, welding, etc. metals as well as composites.  

Metal engineering

The thermally disjoined profile systems from WAF are used in Alu windows and portals, alu-, as well as glas facades, conservatories and of course in special designs.  

WAF Solar-FassadeSolar Systems

The WAF solar facade makes natural energy generation via your external walls possible. Our solar thermal facade collectors offer technical, economical and aesthetic advantages in comparison to ordinary solar thermal systems.