The thermally disjoined profile systems from WAF, which drastically reduce the loss of heat through window and door frames, increase in popularity in private domestic architecture in addition to the construction of industrial facilities, business and administration buildings and housing estates.
In particular the lightness of the construction, the unlimited colour variety, the longevity and the maintainability stick out. Especially for large window and door elements aluminium proves to be a valuable building material, because despite of its light profile the rigidity of aluminium, which guarantees the shape and tightness, is effectual.
Aluminium windows, doors and door portalsThanks to their particular qualities, aluminium windows are among the most durable products in window construction. Extreme weather resistance combined with a high degree of stability and an aesthetically pleasing design make them the perfect product, whether it is for a private home, an office building or special designs.   + Zoom - Aluminium windowsAluminium windows particularly stand out due to the following qualities:
  • High degree of stability and load-bearing capacity
  • Variety of shapes and colours leaves plenty of room for creativity
  • Long life cycle and proper functioning even under heavy use
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Painting no longer necessary
  • Profiles, fittings and glazing can be customised to specific customer requirements (noise insulation, fire protection or break-in protection)
WAF-glass-facadesAlongside a visually appealing design for buildings, WAF glass facades offer numerous other qualities. Depending on the choice of glass, WAF facades can serve as privacy screen, fire protection, or thermal insulation. Thanks to the certified system, overhead glazing and glass roofs can also be easily implemented. This makes our glass facade ideal for architects and designers who want to put creative ideas into practice.   aluminium-facadeThe WAF aluminium facade particularly stands out due to its easy assembly, its light weight and its long life cycle. The field of application ranges from refurbishments of older buildings to new buildings to simple wall coverings without substructure. In order to easily implement the building's thermal insulation, the substructure of WAF  facade can be individually adapted to fit the required thickness of the thermal insulation.
Conservatories are becoming increasingly popular. Not only as a place to protect delicate plants, but also as a room usable throughout the year a conservatory ought to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere for the occupants. Conservatories designed specially to meet the customer's requirements offer maximum comfort combined with an extremely long life cycle and weather resistance. In addition large slide doors provide an open construction. If necessary it is possible to integrate your conservatory with a customised shading system.
WAF-Special designsUpon request, diverse metal constructions, such as
  • Balcony claddings
  • Handrails
  • Garage doors
  • Canopies
are available.