Lohnfertigung, WAF Solar-Fassade

Contract manufactoring

Using the most modern and high-precision converting machines WAF is cutting, bending and canting, roll forming (production of facade panels), pressing, welding, etc. metals as well as composites. The services are offered as pure wage work (material is provided by the client) or with the swiftest delivery time by using material from the WAF metal stock. The fabrication is carried out using drawings and plans of the client or using the internal detail drawing which were approved by the client. Clients who purchase both, material and service, from us receive construction and detail planning from our technical office.

Folding - Form Bending

We craft for you special canted work pieces (also folded), for metal and mechanical engineering, roofing as well as other areas. We handle : aluminium stainless steel galvanised steel composites (Alucobond) brass and sheet copper E-Mail Inquiry - Biegen, Kanten, Runden
Rollformen, WAF Solar-Fassade

Roll formings

Facade panels without shadow grooves with or without micro-ribbed surfaces of up to a length of 6 m can be roll formed. The panel width is variable, from 150 mm to 300 mm. Aluminium, copper, or steel with a thickness of 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm may be used as basic materials. Panels using shadow grooves and shiplap panels are available upon request.E-Mail Inquiry - Rollformen
Profilbearbeitung, WAF Solar-Fassade

Profile adaption

In our profile adaption centre, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, and synthetic material profiles with the maximum dimensions of 245 x 190 x 6100 mm can be adapted from three sides without rechucking. Every contour you can think of can be reproduced. Up to 4 profile bars can be used at the same time. Maximum profile wall thickness for contour millings: stainless steel 2 mm, steel 5 mm; aluminium and synthetic materials - depends on the length of the cutter. Maximum profile wall thickness for drilling: stainless steel 12 mm, steel 12 mm; aluminium and synthetic materials - depends on the drill lengthE-Mail Inquiry - Profile adaption
Zuschnitte, WAF Solar-Fassade

Pre-cut Parts

Aluminium, steel and stainless steel sheets can be cut to a length of up to 4.3 m and the following sheet thicknesses: Aluminium - max. 8.7 mm Steel - max. 6 mm Stainless steel - max. 4.5 mm All pre-cut parts can be further processed with our sheet metal processing machines (bend, round, roll, etc.). E-Mail Inquiry - Zuschnitte