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LandTirolZukunftstagIgls_102"Leadership through research and development"

This was the topic of the Tyrolean future day dedicated to 2016. The focus of the event was primarily on the research and development of innovative Tyrolean companies, as well as on the research of Tyrolean universities with economic effects. Also WAF was chosen to be one of a total of 12 companies who presented the own company on the spot. Under the motto of "Solarenergy with style", we introduced our new solar facade. Thus we want to make a contribution to a strong and sustainable development in our country Tirol.

All true fans of our corporate dog Hemmi know that WAF has a heart for animals. Therefore we didn't hesitate when we were asked to equip all goats of this year’s fawn exhibition in Arzl in Tyrol with handmade metal badges. The badges simplified the display and the day turned out to be a great success. Only the photoshoot which was held afterwards turned out to be quite tricky. Our fawn was not really photogenic and refused to stand still. However in the end we managed to take a nice memory picture. We congratulate all winning goats and of course their proud owners!
The Girlsday is over but we don’t want to withhold you our impressions of this special event! On the 24th of April, 15 girls of the NMS Silz visited our company and kept our team on their toes. While Mr. Wolf took his time to show the girls around in person, they had the opportunity to help operating machines and get to know our working materials. It was obvious that they had some fun; yet the highlight of the day was definitely our company dog Hemingway, who accompanied the girls on their tour. We hope that the schoolgirls enjoyed the day just as much as we did.

On our website for used machines, you now have the possibility to purchase machines, mast climbing work platforms, freight elevators as well as various Schüco window production machines, and Hilti tools at favourable prices. Please click on the link below.

If you are interested or require any further information, we will be happy to answer your enquiries.


ROTOX Kopierfräsmaschine, Personen- und Materialaufzug Modell UNION AS 1000, Personen- und Materialaufzug Modell ALIMAC CH 10/24, 1-Mast Hebebühne mit Baustellen-Fahrchassis, Dreiwalzen Blechrundbiegemaschine, Dreiwalzen Profileinrollmaschine, Schweisstisch, Ausklinksäge, Eckverbinderpresse, Schüco Multifunktionsstanze, Handbiegebank - Port o slitter, Stiftplotter Kopierer, Scheuersaugmaschine Comac Media 22, Bauzaun, Tischausklinkfräse, Portalbautisch,Haspelständer, Schüco Klipsautomat, Schüco Dichtungsabroller, Schüco Riegelstanze, Digitaler Glasleisten Maßstab, HILTI DX 36 M, HILTI DX A 40, HILTI DX 750, HILTI MX 75, HILTI X-AM 32 für HILTI DX A 40 Schlagschrauber ASbe 642, Gerüst Layher, Materialcontainer CONTAINEX, Elektrische Seilzüge, Handseilzuggerät, Türschließer DORMA TS 93 B, Streifenschere Port o slitter, Baustellentüre verzinkt

Die Solarthermische Fassade wurde in der Kategorie "Energy Efficient Product of the Year" für die Energy Awards 2012 in London nominiert.

Die Preisverleihung findet am 5. Dezember 2012 in London statt.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier:

Montage der Überdachung des Hallenbades Tyrolerhof

Recently a Project in Sölden, the roofing of the hotel owned swimming pool started.

A special and customized mullion - transom construction was moved directly above the roof opening by a crane. The triple safety glazing combines an optimal insulation with an ideal light transmission.